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Modern Times Presents: ‘A Flower in the Pocket’ by Stacey Rees

  • Modern Times Gallery 311 Smith Street Fitzroy, VIC, 3065 Australia (map)

We can’t wait for the second solo exhibition from Melbourne artist Stacey Rees, ‘A Flower in the Pocket’ presented by Modern Times. In this body of work, Stacey explores the way we, as a society, present ourselves across social media behind layers and filters, and the effects of this type of visual stimulation.

This series of 20 paintings depicts the female form in various poses of stillness and reflection, to more forward and powerful stances. The woman in each piece appears with a visage partly devoid of features, truncated limbs and semi-sculpted forms. Filled blocks of colour and obvious brush strokes or drip marks characterise each work.

The layered and expressive nature of this body of work references Stacey’s fascination with the lack of depth in our social media obsessed society, and the type of imagery and messaging that saturates our news feeds each day. Stacey believes the filters used on social media strip away our human characteristics and make us more hollow, somehow emptier.

"Through this series, I want to ask the question; Is this what we’ve become? Just an image; one layer, with no depth, personality or history. And I want to understand the effects of this endless scrolling on social media,” says Stacey. "We either like or dislike an image, or we keep on scrolling by, most likely to be forgotten. Compared to my previous work, I’ve toned down the colours in this series. By lessening the focus on colour, it has allowed me to focus more on texture, giving the pieces layers and in turn creating a deeper story behind each painting.”

Stacey held her first solo show ‘All Your Gold’ at Modern Times in 2018. The sell-out show was widely celebrated and was featured in Vogue Living.

6-8pm, Thursday 29th August

Exhibition Dates:
Thursday 29th August – Sunday 8th September

Pre-sales are open! To register for pre-sales, please contact

Modern-Times_StaceyRees_AFlowerinthePocket- Meanwhile in Melbourne Stacey Rees.jpg
‘Diamond Seas’, Stacey Rees

‘Diamond Seas’, Stacey Rees

‘Black Lake’, Stacey Rees

‘Black Lake’, Stacey Rees

'Carbon Copy', Stacey Rees

'Carbon Copy', Stacey Rees

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