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  • Space @ Collins Gallery Level 1, 278 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 Australia (map)
artefact exhibition.jpg

Artefacts presents a vision of 11 Australian object makers pushing the outer limits of what design can be. Whether they are reinterpreting traditional crafts, exploring cultural references or creating new visual iconography, the Artefacts participants seek to achieve more than just utility through their work. Although spanning a variety of disciplines and creative techniques, the participants are tied together by their desire to be hands-on and process driven. By presenting work in a gallery context, they are free to challenge themselves to explore new territories.

Jonathan Ben-Tovim
Dan Bowran
Fred Ganim
Michael Gittings
Nicolette Johnson
Guy Keulemans
Kyoko Hashimoto
Sean Meilak
Liam Mugavin
Makiko Ryujin
Maddie Sharrock