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Grower’s Guide to Life Indoors

  • SchoolHouse Studios — Studio 5 81 Rupert Street Collingwood, VIC, 3066 Australia (map)

Understanding houseplants and how best to care for them — a deeper explanation beyond “bright indirect light” and “water once a week in summer”.

This workshop covers all aspects of understanding plant life, from the obvious light and water, to the often missed air circulation, fertilising and pot types.

Written and delivered by a horticulturalist, this workshop is designed to suit all levels of interest, from brand new plant keepers just starting out, to well established home gardeners. The workshop duration provides plenty of time (and encouragement) for questions.

The Grower’s Guide to Life Indoors will help you understand a plants wants and needs, and unravel the secrets of maintaining happy healthy plants in your home.

Duration: 2 hours including open Q&A
Tools required: nothing but your wonderful self, and paper & pen if you wish to take notes!

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