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MiGoals Progress Workshop

  • MILLIGRAM Melbourne Central, #281 Shop 212, Level 2 285 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)

Earlier this year, Adam Jelic of MiGoals brought us a workshop on ‘how to set goals and prioritise’. He spoke about those goals we set ourselves up with at the start of the year hardly ever get seen through to the end of the year. Adam provided tips to ensure you stick to those goals so you can check them off and not lose sight of them. Now it’s time to check in and see how you’re going!

This workshop will cover:

1. An introduction to the goal-setting brand, MiGoals and co-founder, Adam Jelic’s story.

2. A check-in on how you’re going and reaffirm the importance of staying accountable to your goals.

3. Tips and tools on how you can track your progress.

4. A mini goal-setting workshop on how to continue tracking your progress from the day you record them and beyond.

This event is perfect for those who attended the first event, as well as newcomers who will learn a lot about the importance of setting goals and how to keep track of your progress.

This is a free event with only 30 spaces. Bookings are essential, RSVP now to secure your spot. Receive 15% off any purchase in-store at the event.

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