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Near and Far by Amy Wright

  • Signed & Numbered 153 Greville Street Prahran, VIC, 3181 Australia (map)

NEAR & FAR is an ensemble of abstracted landscapes and botanic paintings by Artist Amy Wright. Together they create a storybook of Wrights opposing methods of her practice; the capture of moments, from memory, of the surrounding landscape, and the active study of studio specimens.


Memory language is translated through layering of colour, shape, texture and pattern. The works are moments in time. They have a fabled resonance, with collaged moments blurring across the picture plane.  

No horizon line, gives the viewer the sense of immersion in the terrain. We could be looking out across the fields, looking down from a birds eye view, or laying down looking up through the trees, the solid ground at our backs. The collection of FAR paintings, stand both alone as strong single paragraphs and amassed are a chapter of visual mapping that tells the Landscape story. 


How easily the reality is forgotten, diluted or morphed in our memories. To bring focus back to the ‘real’, Wright takes specimens back to the studio. The act of actively looking and studying the characteristics of these ‘offerings’ focusses the attention on a single entity. This focus helps to clarify the details in the terrain that are so quickly lost to memory.

Friday 5th April – 6pm to 9pm

Friday 5th April – Sunday 21st April
Monday – Friday – 11am to 5pm
Saturday – 10am to 5pm
Sunday – 11am to 4pm

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