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Perfume Masterclass

  • The Nicholas Building, Studio 3, Level 3 37 Swanston Street Melbourne, VIC, 3053 Australia (map)

Perfume Master Class is an introductory session into the intriguing world of perfume. Guests will learn of the origin of perfume, perfume throughout history, perfumers training and will be able to experience rare raw materials, the building blocks of perfume. Learn how to select a new fragrance for your self and how to apply and store fragrance.

As part of the class guests will be able to create their own fragrance using the Olfactorium, a mini perfumers organ from our partner Cinquieme Sens in Paris, the global leader in perfume education. The Olfactorium contains perfume raw materials from the worlds leading perfume houses, and gives you the best possible tools to create your own master piece to take home!

The workshop will cover:

  • Origin of the word perfume

  • History of perfume

  • Who wore perfume throughout history

  • Perfumers training and how they create perfume

  • Fragrance families – demonstrate with example of each

  • Synthetic versus Natural materials

  • Discuss origins of raw materials and guests have an opportunity to smell some examples

  • Mass versus Niche perfume

  • Fragrance wardrobe – Different fragrance for different seasons and occasions.

  • How to chose a fragrance that suits

  • How to wear and store perfume

  • Perfume creation. Guests will take home a small bottle of their creation.

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