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ROADTRIP | Solo Show by Amy Wright

  • BOOM GALLERY 11 Rutland Street Newtown, VIC, 3220 Australia (map)

Exhibition Runs 17th May - 10 June

Monday - Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm


Opening Event  19th May 2 - 4pm


ROADTRIP is a series of abstract landscapes that narrate countless hours on the road with a sleeping newborn in the back. 
With an appreciation for that which often goes unseen, my practice collages together fragments of these lonely landscapes. 

Informed by explorative drawings, photography and physical found objects, I create considered landscapes that inject beauty into the banal. Inspiration is drawn from the vast panorama of the rural landscape and the hyper speed of the roadside as it races past. At intervals we stop and spend time stationary on the roadside verge. In this rare quietness I take the time to look down and to explore the land at my feet.

It is a space that is rarely noticed and commonly discarded. In what others would regard as a wasteland, I see mini-scapes of abounding textures, colours; blurring and muddied, and patterns repeated. I try to capture the beauty in the dogged weed, the crushed leaf litter and thoughtlessly tossed rubbish.

ROADTRIP explores and celebrates this rudimentary landscape by beautifying the barren, brutal and dismissed.


About the Artist

Amy Wright is a prolific Artist in the area of Abstract Landscape.

She is directly influenced by botanic materials and shifting landscapes. Her works look to emulate the essence of botanical forms in their natural environment. Mediums are mixed and explorative; using a layering of mixed media to create tactile and textured surfaces.

Using techniques reminiscent of collage, landscapes are represented through rich colour,  texture and rythmic abstract patterning, referencing the structure and details of plants and found objects in their landscape. Wright has a keen interest in capturing the 'unnoticed details' in a landscape.

Wright is a multidisciplinary Artist with a diverse background in Painting and Drawing, Surface Pattern Design and Floral Artistry. Wright has formal training in Fine Arts (VCA)  and Textile Design (RMIT). She lives and works in the Geelong Area