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Spring Salon Exhibition – Otomys Contemporary

  • Otomys Contemporary 567 – 569 Victoria Street Abbotsford, VIC, 3067 Australia (map)

Spring Salon is a group exhibition presenting works by alumni and new artists both Australian and International. The exhibition is a celebration of the rich diversity and talent of fourteen artists working in various mediums - painting, sculpture, lithographs and photography. Otomys Contemporary is reshaping the gallery exhibition experience with the Spring Salon providing an opportunity to engage in person with several of the artists; to listen to their perspective, hear their stories and enjoy the value of the artistic dialogue which is so often lost in our digital experience of art.

Highlights include a majestic bronze sculpture by Australian sculptor, Morgan Shimeld, large scale paintings which explore the colour of the human mind by Swedish painter Jenny Lundgren and the vibrant paintings by Californian painter David Matthew King who says ‘Maybe my paintings are just about being human in a time when being human too often seems taboo’. BY : ABSTRACT September 1, 2018

By immersing yourself in Spring Salon at Otomys Contemporary you will be encouraged to open up to the effects of Spring light and new colour, be challenged by the constant questions art may ask of you and be entertained by the variety and striking and melancholic masterpieces.

Spring Salon Exhibition is due to kick off on Thursday September 5th at 6:30pm, with the launch evening open to the public. This exhibition will run until November 4th, with 14 exhibiting artists including new work from:
Jenny Lundgren
Greg Penn
Simone Boon
Nick Coulson
Eduardo Santos
Gilles Bourget
Danielle Creenaune
Zarah Cassim
Mark Tipple
Lindsay Blamey
Caroline Denervaud
Morgan Shimeld
Rebekah Stuart
David Matthew King

Launch evening:
Thursday 5th September, 6:30pm

Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: Open by appointment 10 – 5 pm
Thursday – Friday: Open 10 – 5 pm