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The New Era of Healthy Buildings - CPD Seminar

  • Arup Melbourne, Level 1/3 699 Collins Street Docklands, VIC, 3008 Australia (map)

Not too long ago you could be at work, on any given day, and be sweating like you're at the gym. Then, on the next day, feel like you're stuck in a fridge .... or, step into a meeting room and feel like you’re in a dungeon, then walk into another room and be blinded by the light!

Thankfully things are changing.

The Well Building Standard is a framework for tenants, businesses and designers to develop buildings that focus on the health and wellbeing of the people who work in these buildings. Architects nowadays recognise the importance of designing work spaces that make people feel good - energised both mentally and physically.

Now, a growing volume of research demonstrates the value in strategies that deliver healthy buildings. Global environmental consultants, Arup, believe… “ a duty of care now rests with building owners, designers and operators to deliver these working environments..”

This seminar will be led by Samantha Peart (Sustainable Buildings Leader - Arup) and Jack Noonan (VP, Australia/NZ of the International WELL Building Institute). Through real life case studies Sam and Jack will look at the key areas impacting how we feel at work, including:

  • The air we breathe - ventilation, off gassing materials, optimum temperatures and humidity

  • Natural Light - natural lighting and modern technology techniques that facilitate this outcome

  • Active Design - mobility and interaction at work, encouraging walking, cycling, and access to public transportation

  • Bringing the Outdoors In - green walls and roofs, plants and exposure to natural environments

  • Building Resilience - safety from outside factors (fire risk, loss of power, natural disasters, security)

Tickets HERE
Individual tickets: $77
Group of five: $275

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