Abby Seymour

Words: Manuela Millan
Art Director + Design – @bethemily 
Photographer – @seanfennessy 
Styling + Creative Director – @stephanie_somebody 
Hair + Make Up – @nadinemullermakeup 
Talent – @phoebecollier

We were stoked to have a chat with talented Melbourne jewellery designer Abby Seymour. We’ve been following her work for the last couple of years and we’re currently obsessing over her Australis collection which is inspired by the natural beauty of the Australian bush. Abby has seamlessly merged her signature geometry and fine detail with natural shapes and textures and the result is stunning. One of our favourite things about Abby Seymour is her commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical labour practice which we hope means we’ll continue to see her work for many years to come!

Jewellery can tell a story, encode a journey and give insights into cultures. An art form that can transcend another form of language for humanity.
— Abby Seymour

MM: When did you start making jewelry?

AS: I started making ceramic jewellery in 2007 and then launched into a business (sole-trader) as a jeweller full-time in 2011.
(Although I was known to make crocheted beaded jewellery for my friends at the age of about 12.. which I had completely forgotten and was reminded of the other day by a friend! Amusing!)

MM: Who/What are you most influenced by?

AS: I love looking into the history of jewellery, art and design in different cultures over time and am hugely inspired by ancient Egyptian design cultures and motifs that created a wave of influence around the world inspiring the adored Art Deco design movement.

I also love a bit of research, history, philosophy, trying to gain extra perspective and look at our world in different ways. I am fascinated by botany and find the landscape an endless source of inspiration and grounding force.

MM: How would you describe your style?

AS: My diverse designs across varied mediums entail a distinctive and signature style that is recognisable for it intricately inscribed marks made by hand paired with bold, hard edge geometry. 

Together reflecting a quiet simplicity that informs my brand identity and jewellery that is timeless and of today.  My sensibilities are tied in respect with traditional techniques and paired with a refined and considered contemporary approach.

MM: What’s the most enjoyable part of doing what you do?

AS: I love that my practice enables an ongoing opportunity for me to learn, hone my skills, keep re-imagining the world and provides a platform to deliver meaningful and honest hand-formed creations.

Creating any item from start to finish by hand is a beautiful and rewarding journey of growth as the creator but also a very personal signifier of ones expression, time and occasion.
Considered, self expressed, crafted by hand, and technically refined wearable form of art that can act as an important and special signifier of culture. Jewellery can tell a story, encode a journey and give insights into cultures. An art form that can transcend another form of language for humanity.

I am driven head and heart to constantly create and be making with my hands. The process is a part of my state of being, it's meditative, perhaps as a result of built up varied muscle memories that have enabled and act a bit like a zone where my mind can switch between a deep and detailed focus and then wonder in and out of creative thought.

I feel very strongly about creating positive and sustainable pathways that do not contribute to the mass consumer and commercialised economy. By being self employed I can work by my ethos and employ my own principals, knowing that I am not only creating unique items that are of high quality for the longterm but each and every piece has made it into the world honestly with the least possible impact on the environment. 


MM: What can’t you live without?

AS: A morning coffee, sunglasses.

MM: If you weren't a jeweler what would you be?

AS: A teacher, educator, activist.

MM: What's your favorite thing about Melbourne?

AS: Art and culture.

MM: Can you recommend a good cafe/restaurant?

AS: Favourite local close to work:

Mankoushe - Middle Eastern

Good Days - Vietnamese

Close to home:

Pizza meine liebe - pizza

Short Round - cafe

Red Door - cafe