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Chroma Studio

We recently came across Chroma Studio, the brainchaild of the energetic and irrepressible Nadene Sachinidis which aims to bring together a curated selection of homewares, jewellery, accessories and gorgeous floral arrangements.  We had quick look around and were delighted to find a selection of Melbourne’s own including ceramics by Tracy Muirhead, homewares by KeepResin, self-watering plant pots by Mr Kitly and others. 

We decided to have a quick 5 minutes with Nadene to find out more about her and her new baby Chroma Studio. 

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Ivy Muse // Lucid Fields

I met Alana Langan, one half of Ivy Muse at DENFAIR in June and it was great to speak her and Jacqui Vidal again recently about their upcoming Lucid Fields collection, which launches today! 
Lucid Fields features a range of stoneware, powder coated steel and aluminium pots and planters all designed and made in Melbourne. 

Lucid Fields features a range of stoneware, powder coated steel and aluminium pots and planters all designed and made in Melbourne. 

We had a quick Q&A with Alana and Jacqui about their range, their design process and their advice for plant enthusiasts!


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Custom. Cool. Quick. Locally Made. Usually you have to compromise and choose one or two at most. We met up with Duncan Ward from Satelight to find out how they have made it possible to have it all.
Satelight and others set themselves apart by offering quality of materials and workmanship, and offering a degree of customisation and collaboration which you simply couldn’t get from an overseas bulk supplier. 

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Nathan Burkett & Dan Webster

A collaboration by award-winning Landscape Architect and Garden Designer Nathan Burkett, Architect Dan Webster and Interior Stylist Simone Haag, has delivered an industrial-inspired studio of modern authenticity and understated luxury.  When Nathan and Dan were designing the space, interior stylist Simone Haag said she was also inspired by the ‘quirkiness’ of the building and Nathan and Dan’s clear vision of wanting to create a joyful space that felt more like a home than an office.


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Cone 11 Ceramics and Porcelume

We had a great day at the Mercator building at Abbotsford Convent, the home of Cone 11 Ceramics and Porcelume.
It was a lovely sunny day at the workshop, when we visited Ilona Topolcsanyi from Cone 11 finishing some tableware commissioned for a restaurant. We also met Colin Hopkins, the maker behind Porcelume, as he was working on a medium size shade using the art of hand‐throwing porcelain, a skill that he has mastered through the years.

We had a chat with both of them about their work and their passion for ceramics.

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Olivia & Anna Nicholas from Actually Existing

We had a lovely time with Melbourne based clothing and footwear label Actually Existing
Find more about them and what inspires their work.

We work with leather and up-cycled materials, including heavy canvas and rubber. We believe in keeping our production local in order to support the various suppliers and associated manufacturers in Melbourne’s industry.


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Valerie Restarick // North Carlton ceramics

Valerie Restarick is a Melbourne-based ceramicist. She trained as a painter at the National Gallery School (including as a student of the legendary John Brack), and later turned her hand to pottery which has become a lifelong passion. She founded her Carlton North studio 10 years ago where she continues to produce a wide range of work.

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