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Words: Manuela Millan

Our international guest and GIVEAWAY partner for July is New Zealand’s David Trubridge, a renowned lighting designer and leading proponent for environmentally responsible design.

David Trubridge has always taken inspiration from nature, both literally (drawing from naturally occurring shapes and patterns) and more ethereally (from concepts such as the cycle of life, and humanity’s place within, and impact on, the wider natural world). David sees himself as more of an explorer than a designer, and he thinks deeply and often about our place in the world, and how creativity can be used as a tool to lessen our impact on the environment while also bringing us closer together. 

I want to reassert that connection with, and respect for, nature so that we care more…for the earth that gives us life and the rest of humanity who share it with us
— David Trubridge

His extensive collection features patterns inspired by flora and fauna, and from natural phenomena such as snowflakes, waves and clouds. David’s design ethos unifies these natural phenomena into a coherent and delicate lighting collection. Hewn from flexible and environmentally-concious materials such as bamboo plywood, and then precision cut, his lights are then shipped flat-packed and assembled either by the end user or by the retailer.

This cuts down substantially on freight-related carbon emissions and demonstrates the genuine care and thoughtfulness that David has when it comes to reducing our environmental impact wherever possible.  Above all, David’s designs are beautiful and thoughtful. Care has been given to all levels of design, materials and manufacture. This seeks to ensure that the designs themselves, as well as our planet, will last to be enjoyed by future generations. 

david trubridge meanwhile in melbourne
david trubridge_ Meanwhile in Melbourne
david trubridge_ Meanwhile in Melbourne
david trubridge - meanwhile in melbourne

MM: What initially drew you to lighting? 

DT: It was accidental; I was just playing around with shapes and structures during some down-time in a workshop at a Perth TAFE when I came up with an interesting idea. The light bulb came next.

MM: What inspires you?  

DT: The combined consciousness of subterranean elves.

MM: What project are you most proud of?  

DT: The Rotorua Treewalk Nightlights.

MM: What was something that changed the way you think/feel about design

DT: My awareness of the Anthropocene.

MM: What has been the most unexpected moment in your career? 

DT: My success in Milan in 2001 when Cappellini took up my Body Raft for production.

MM: Did you grow up in a creative household?  

DT: Not particularly; my mother used to do outdoor landscape sketching, but that was it.

MM: How has technology changed the way you work?  

DT: Computers opened up incredible new ways of designing and making (CNC) and then, through the internet, of selling.

MM: What advice would you give a young designer?/What advice would you give an old designer?  

DT: Just be yourself, don’t try to imitate or fit in or follow fashion because you will only find true originality in yourself, nowhere else / to old designers: stay young.

MM: What are your hopes for the next few years?  

DT: That the nastiness in the world will get less, and that we start to care more about the world we will leave our children.

MM: Can you recommend a good read and/or a playlist?  

DT: The Patterning Instinct’ by Jeremy Lent is a brilliant explanation of how we have gone wrong and how we can put it right.

MM: What do you do to relax? 

DT: Snooze. But to regenerate I love to go on long SUP trips or hikes in the wilderness.

MM: What can’t you live without? 

DT: Silence and peace and nature.

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Maru Pendant

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Manuka Pendant

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