Hannah Fox

Words: Manuela Millan

We had the pleasure to interview Melbourne-based artist Hannah Fox and ask her a few questions about her paintings and her personal life.

Check out her solo exhibition FARAWAY  Wednesday 26 July 2017.
Opening drinks Thursday 27 July, 6–8pm
277 High Street, Northcote

More details about the exhibition here !

I am motivated and inspired by simple aesthetics — space, light, colour and texture.
— Hannah Fox

MM: Tell us when did you start painting/a bit of history.

HF: I was painting and drawing from a young age…just like most little kids!
I remember being drawn to colour, shape and texture, watching shadows and observing details in my surrounds. Creativity came naturally and it was an easy decision to pursue art and design. I travelled after school and studied Fine Art at Monash University. Once I graduated, I wanted to keep learning. I went on to study design at RMIT and worked in events, visual merchandising, graphic design and also in art galleries here in Melbourne, Brisbane and Beijing. 

After all that…I came back to painting, my true calling. 


MM: What inspires you? 

HF: I find Melbourne itself incredibly inspiring…so much energy and creativity.  It is an amazing city.
I draw inspiration from my surrounds. I find simple visual delights in colour, space and light…. mostly in the landscape.
My walks along Merri Creek help me to keep my connection with the natural environment. 


MM: How important is social media for your business?

HF: It is important as an avenue to present my work to an audience, without the bricks and mortar gallery. I think Instagram is a fabulous platform to showcase not only your work but also yourself as a business and an actual human being! It is nice to share the ‘behind the scenes’ moments. I think people enjoy that aspect and develop a respect for what artists do.
Social media has its place, but I don’t spend a lot of energy developing it. I would rather be squeezing paint from a tube!


MM: What’s your favorite piece/method/medium so far?

HF: I am feeling pleased with my current body of work for my next show Faraway.
I have been exploring some new colour palettes and I am becoming more interested in representing the landscape as a more perceptive experience of things ‘felt’ rather than seen. An artist is never truly satisfied though…I am keen to start the next round of paintings! 


My paintings are an abstract, energetic interpretation of what the land presents . . . leaves that scatter
the bush floor, twigs that lie in patches, peeling bark on tree trunks, the dappled sunlit earth, a horizon
etched out from the sky.
— Hannah Fox

MM: Where do you get the best coffee in Melbourne? And where do you get the best meal?( could be brunch, lunch or dinner)

HF: Coffee? My long black from my espresso machine at home has my vote!
For amazing authentic Italian, I have had some sensational meals at Bar Idda in East Brunswick. If I venture into town, I can’t fault MoVida Next Door or Chin Chin. Too good. 

MM: What are your plans for the future?

HF: I would like to explore some other mediums like sculpture and ceramics. I feel like there is so much output to come, I am not quite sure where to start! Essentially, if I can keep my art practice alive and kicking I am in a good place. 


MM: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be? 

HF: I can’t see myself being anything other than a creative of some sort. Although I am quite logical and argumentative so maybe a lawyer!?
I asked my husband Dave what he thought I would be…well this was a loaded question! After a few digs at the potential for a Financial Controller…he settled on Cinematographer. Perfect! I’ll take it.