Lucas y Hernández - Gil

Words: Manuela Millan
Photos: Juan Delgado

For our international guest this month we are showcasing CASAPLATA, a restaurant bar located in Seville. Interior, branding and furniture were designed and created by Spanish architects Lucas y Hernandez-Gil.

I hope you like the images and the Q&A below!


CASAPLATA is a restaurant and cocktail bar in the very center of Seville.
In this context a lot of restaurants are looking for a historical revival from the past. In contrast, our project is betting on the future, avoiding nostalgia and looking for our own and singular image.
As Georgio Morandi's still lives this project can be defined as some strong color pieces that stand out over a silver gray atmosphere. All these with the aim of reinforcing the gastronomical experience by blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach.


MM: When did you start your design/architecture practice?
LH: On 2007.

MM:What’s your favorite part of being an architect?
LH: Seeing our projects materialized.

MM: What has been the hardest part of designing a public/hospitality job?
LH: The necesity of a quick answer in very little time. The project stages are accelerated and are shorter (design project, building process).

MM: Can you define your style?
LH: We define ourselves not in a particular style but on an attitude at the time of carrying out our projects.

MM: What can't you live without?
LH:Without full freedom to work.

MM: Who/What are you most influenced by?
LH: Probably we have a lot of influences from all the projects and authors we like. But in every project, the context is the principal influence when taking decisions.

MM: What was your childhood like? 
LH:Happy and calm. Always drawing. 

MM: Did you grow up in a creative household? 

MM: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
LH: Our favourite ritual is to have breakfast together and talk about our day.

MM:Can you recommend a good read / good playlist?
LH: A good read: “Rendición” by Ray Loriga.
A good playlist: “Cicatrices de un cuento” by Los Caramelos de Charlie Mysterio.

MM: Can you recommend a coffee place and a restaurant in Madrid?
LH: A cup of coffee on Juana Limón next to Retiro Park.
A restaurant: Fismuler.

Cristina Domínguez Lucas y Fernando Hernández-Gil.  of  Lucas y Hernandez-Gil.

Cristina Domínguez Lucas y Fernando Hernández-Gil.
of Lucas y Hernandez-Gil.