Anna Lofts from L&M Home

Words: Manuela Millan

STYLIST: Toni Briggs
photographer Martina Gemmola

With winter well and truly here there’s nothing better than curling up into a warm, handmade throw. With this in mind we had a chat with Anna Lofts, the founder and director of Melbourne-based L&M Home about the L&Mstory and their recently released Winter 19 collection. 

With a background in importing the latest fashion from France and Italy, Anna Lofts founded her homewares company 19 years ago, and their range has grown to include everything from bedlinen, cushions, towels and table linen, to accessories and small furniture pieces. L&M Home sources products from around the world, and they also have a range of their own in-house designs. Their range is highly curated with a consistent style and focus on quality of materials and longevity of their products.

We’ve been looking at their Winter 19 range and we are in love with the earth tones mixed with forrest green, and the contrast between heavy textured linens and deep velvet soft furnishings. You can see the eye for detail in the curation of the collection and how the various items work together and play off each other so well. 

It was a pleasure to get to know Anna and her work, and learn about her passion for design. We look forward to seeing what she and her team come up with next.

Anna Lofts from L&H Home
We take inspiration from our travels, exploring the far corners of the globe, capturing culture, colour and texture to bring our collections to life.
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L&M_HOUSE_Meanwhile in Melbourne_homewearers
L&M_HOUSE_Meanwhile in Melbourne_homewearers
Anna Lofts from L&H Home
L&M_HOUSE_Meanwhile in Melbourne_homewearers

MM: What is the most enjoyable part of doing what you do?

AL: Working with a great team. And travelling is always inspiring.

MM: Who/What are you most influenced by?

AL: Architecture and interior design. Kit Kemp, the designer of Firmdale hotels and architectural designer India Mahdavi. Both do exciting mixes of styles and colours.

MM: There is an emphasis in the world (not only in the design scene) on ‘buy it well, buy it once’ and all the wastage we are producing every day, how do you respond to this.

AL: We do put great emphasis on quality of everything we do.We are also very eco conscious with both products and packaging. I would much rather have a few good pieces that a mountain of “stuff”.

MM: What do you do to relax?

AL: I am not fantastic at relaxing. Running a business is not something you can shut off easily.
I like getting out of town at weekends, pottering in the garden or reading a book.

MM: What can’t you live without?

AL: Probably coffee.

MM: Can you recommend a coffee place and restaurant in Melbourne?

AL: Favourite coffee place is Garage, 126 Chapel St, St. Kilda.
Alimentari, at 304 Smith St, Collingwood is great for lunch and take away salads.

L&M_HOUSE_Meanwhile in Melbourne_homewearers
L&M_HOUSE_Meanwhile in Melbourne_homewearers
L&M_HOUSE_Meanwhile in Melbourne_homewearers
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