Nathan Burkett & Dan Webster

Photos: Eve Wilson
Styling: Simone Haag

A collaboration by award-winning Landscape Architect and Garden Designer Nathan Burkett, Architect Dan Webster and Interior Stylist Simone Haag, has delivered an industrial-inspired studio of modern authenticity and understated luxury.  When Nathan and Dan were designing the space, interior stylist Simone Haag said she was also inspired by the ‘quirkiness’ of the building and Nathan and Dan’s clear vision of wanting to create a joyful space that felt more like a home than an office.


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Nathan Burkett Design22990.jpg

Nestled in the charmingly leafy suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne, the shared studio is home to Nathan Burkett Landscape Design and Dan Webster Architecture where both teams offer their services individually and collaboratively to bring a unique and integrated approach to home and garden design. The culmination of three design masterminds with a common goal, the studio design reflects both Dan and Nathan’s core design principles and offers a harmonious work space for clients and colleagues to be inspired in. In keeping with the industrial and colourful history of the building (circa early 1900’s), the studio’s façade features a simplistic yet elegant exterior with floor to ceiling windows and matte black fittings which add warmth – strategically placed to deliver curb side appeal for passers-by to catch a glimpse of the internal space.

Nathan Burkett Design.jpg
Nathan Burkett Design.jpg

Simone’s signature style and soft approach to furniture selection and styling effortlessly complements the studio’s rich features and textures that are combined with the exposed beams, brickwork and greenery to provide a space that is light, harmonious and a gift to creativity. Having retained the industrial feel of the building's rafters and arches, furniture and art objects add warmth with indoor plants and hanging pot plants dotted throughout.

The colour palette is neutral, highlighted by white, wood, black and grey while different textures give the space character, telling a story that boldly reflects Nathan and Dan’s design journey. The studio echoes meticulous attention to detail and features pieces generally found in traditional homes such as sheer fabric curtains that divide the waiting area from the working space, beautiful hand-made shelves and Grazia and Co. chairs and tables at dining table height that help to evoke a loungeroom feel.
The boardroom is a standout feature with an oval table as the centerpiece and a concrete brutalist sculpture that sits in the corner. Minimal Volker Haug lights with black rods and exposed globes highlight the exquisite handmade joinery unit used to house models and plans.

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We’re constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to design, so Dan and I were committed to
creating a studio that supported that process. Working with Simone really helped formulate our ideas and it’s come to life and in a way that’s exceeded our expectations
— Nathan Burkett