Redfox & Willcox

Words: Manuela Millan
Photos: damien kook

We spent a day with Nicola and Tara from Redfox & Wilcox. They showed us around their workshop in Collingwood where they produce their ever popular metal planters and timber tables.


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My favourite material if this is allowed would have to be pen and paper. It’s part of the process, where ideas start in sketch and in notes.
— Nicola Grey

MM: What have you done previously, how did you ended up where you are now

T = Played in a band which allowed me to travel the world. Worked in hospitality which taught me how to cook. Moved back to Melbourne in 2012 and was keen to learn something new, began making basic furniture pieces in the backyard then decided to do small business course at RMIT.

N = worked as an interior designer mainly working on high end residential.


MM: What was your childhood like? Did you grow up in a creative household? 

T = I grew up on a farm so spent a lot of time outside either helping or exploring. My father was very musical and always encouraged us to play the multiple instruments he owned.

N= Yes both my parents growing up would make things for us and our house, toys, clothing, furniture  . . . I also did a lot of drawing when I was younger.


MM: What is your creative process like / how often do you release a new product?

In the past we have not had a time line for making and releasing products, it has mostly been an organic process that has really been driven by our clients. Now we have a little more structure and do set out to explore ideas, prototype and produce certain items.

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MM: What’s your favourite material to work with?

T = It changes if you had asked me a year ago I would have said timber but at the moment my favourite material is metal. I have just learnt to weld and I’m really enjoying being able to fabricate some of our products as well as understanding the process more.

N=  My favourite material if this is allowed would have to be pen and paper. It’s part of the process, where ideas start in sketch and in notes. I have a little black book and I get mad if someone recklessly scribbles in it.


MM: What can you live without?

T = Most things. I have objects in my house that I love and have sentimental value but in the case of a fire I would be running out with my Cat and 3 Fish.

N = Hmm I’m really not sure. I like things but most of them I don’t really need and could definitely live without.


MM: How important is social media for your business?

In the past social media has played a big role in getting our name and brand out there. We think that now it’s word of mouth and repeat customers that are the most important for us. We use Instagram etc. as a day to day insight into Redfox and Wilcox and it’s also a great way for us to stay connected with other businesses.


 MM: What are you working on currently and what are your goals for the future, either personally or professionally?

We have learnt a lot over the last few years and it now feels like it is time for a bit of a spruce up and change. We have a lot to work on business wise and we are also always thinking about new products.


MM: Can you recommend a coffee place and a restaurant in Melbourne?

Tinpot Cafe is our middle ground meeting point, it’s like a home away from home so it is a great place to have meetings and just discuss the week.

Paradise Alley which is a reasonably new bar in Collingwood is conveniently situated at the end of our street so is the perfect spot for an end of week drink. Easey Street is filled with a wonderful mix of creative people.

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