Schiavello Melbourne Retail Showroom


Schiavello has just launched its new retail furniture line with the opening of a new retail showroom in Melbourne’s Southbank. The top 100 Australian company’s fresh focus on residential furniture will establish a new visual and design language for residential living locally and beyond.

Design & Marketing Director, Anton Schiavello said,  Schiavello’s history has been in the design and manufacturing of commercial work place furniture that has stood the test of time and now our customers and the A&D community are looking to bring certain workplace design sensibilities into the home, including technology enabled furniture for example. Our new retail showroom will highlight these designs and products.”

Anton Schiavello

Anton Schiavello

Our decision to move into a retail offering has been prompted by the increasing blur between our personal life and work life, shifting from the notion of ‘work life balance’ to ‘work life integration.
— Anton Schiavello
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Located at ground level at Southbank’s Prima Tower, the warm, light-filled space showcasing local and international design by Schiavello and MAP features interiors by award-winning designers, Hecker Guthrie. Clean lines, layered volumes and an assemblage of textural materials (leather, velvet, glass, timber) create balance and a distinctively architectural approach.

Carefully considered lighting captures different moods throughout the spaces. Customdesigned lighting and glass sculptures by Melbourne designer Mark Douglas add a distinctly residential feel. Structured light boxes are recessed into the walls illuminating vases and books while over-scaled portals allow light to filter between the spaces, enabling a glimpse of silhouettes and definition to the lounge spaces.

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Full-height glass, light timber veneer, textured white rendered walls and natural oak flooring form the basis of the material palette. Multiple lounging areas offer a moment to pause and consider, delineated by moss green and light grey carpet.  Portals cut directly into the fabric subtly guide customers through the rooms and offer glimpses into other spaces, highlighting the new furniture collection. 

Schiavello furniture is 100% made in Melbourne at the company’s Tullamarine factory.

Hero pieces featured in the retail launch include:
• 101 chair & La La stool by Helen Kontouris
• Blom chair by Claudio Bellini
• Vertical Garden by Joost Bakker
• MR chair by Mario Ruiz
• Parley & Goodwood table by Doshi Levien
• Tango table, Kush floor cushion, Toro Badjo sofa, Bomba sofa & Karo ottoman by Ivan Woods • Wire chair, Rib chair & Lean Table by Chris Connell

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