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Words: Manuela Millan

This week we caught up with Paul Kegen (Director and Registered Architect) and Rodney Seidner (Director and Registered Building Practitioner) from S&K Group to learn more about their innovative and comprehensive approach to architecture and construction. 

Rodney Seidner AND Paul Kegen

Rodney Seidner AND Paul Kegen


S&K Group boast expertise in architecture and construction, and as they combine the two they offer a unique, comprehensive and collaborative approach for their clients. This range of expertise combines to create a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts, and this can be seen in the results that they’ve achieved since embarking on their journey in 2013. 

Paul and Rod have known each other for many years and had always joked about starting a business together, despite going into different fields of study. As their careers began to take shape the pair realised that their respective talents were complementary and the idea of joining forces began to take hold. 

[PK] The opportunity arose when we were at a particular point in our respective careers. Rod had always built high-end residential work, and I designed similar projects. We were at the same level and we had the same skillset and ability at the time. 

From the beginning the idea was to offer what a combination of traditional firms would not be able to provide. They offer continuity and collaboration between the different stages of design and construction, in such a way which enhances the quality of the final product and the ease with which it can all be brought together. 

[PK] Once we found that first project it was our launching platform to take our first client through the entire process. 

Project under construction by S&K

SandK_Group_meanwhile in melbourne
Just having a chat on site

Just having a chat on site

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With all heads under one roof issues which may normally escalate into expensive and stressful
re-designs and delays could now be dealt with and resolved as the designs were taking shape, saving stress, money and time in the process. 

[RS] One thing that is unique about the way we do things is that because we sit in an open-plan office, the design team are very much exposed to the day-to-day of what is happening on a construction site, and vice versa. One thing that many architects or project managers try to do is to get that experience and try to understand things from the other side. The more you understand and the more you appreciate where someone’s coming from the better outcomes you can achieve together.

The pair have a great respect for each other’s skills and knowledge. They make sure to have a clear delineation in decision making responsibilities and they work through decisions together as much as possible. 

[RS] We are outcomes driven, and we’re always looking long term, making sure that we deliver the product and deliver the design. That’s the most important thing for us. 

[PK] People today have a much more vested interest in a quality product and that’s what we’re trying to offer them in all we do.

There is certainly an appeal in having just one point of contact throughout an entire project or build, and cutting down as much as possible on any communication delays between the various parties involved in a project. The benefits of their collaborative approach can be seen in their various projects, and we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

Norwood Project by S&K Group

Styling by Kate Lee - Photographed by Veeral.