Workshop Bros Glen Waverley by Studio Esteta

Interior Design: Studio Esteta
Construction: S&K Group
Brand Identity: Pop & Pac

Brothers Nolan and Brian Taing and partner Joe La already operate three successful Workshop Bros cafes in Glen Huntly and two in Melbourne’s CBD, however their newest venture, Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley, takes the brand to a new level.

Unlike the other Workshop locations, the Glen Waverley project will be open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, and will look and feel much different to the others.

At Workshop Bros Glen Waverley, these three young restaurateurs look nostalgically back at their food heritage, and add ironic touches to a very Melbourne menu.

“We love our business and the Workshop Bros brand really reflects the brotherhood we feel in this project, “ said Nolan. “It’s become an important part of all our lives.”
— Nolan Taing

Interiors were designed by Studio Esteta. The palette is light and bright but maintains a level of sophistication to assist in the transition from day to night time dining. Pink hues are offset by plum and brass accents and the circular and cylindrical language is repeated through the furniture and joinery details to reinforce a playful and vibrant interpretation of the retro Asian restaurant.

Studio Estela Director, Sarah Cosentino, said “The design language draws upon and celebrates playful cliches of retro styled Asian restaurants. This is coupled with our own personal nostalgic memories of retro Asian restaurants, typically layered and over embellished with the theatrical use of the circle, think; lazy-susans, granite, round tables, vinyl clad chairs, plum accents and pink.’

‘Rich in meaning and symbolism in Asian culture, the circle represents oneness, perfection and unity. This rich symbolism becomes a reoccurring theme with the introduction of a series of limed ply circular openings that divide the long narrow space into dining, bar and kitchen zones. The circular insertions allow for the space and design to unravel gradually, imbuing a sense of intrigue and discovery amongst diners,’ she said.


The palette is light and bright but maintains a level of sophistication to assist in the transition from day to night time dining.
The original branding work was completed by Creative firm Pop & Pac and Co-Creative Director, Mauris Lai, said “the concept was born from the idea that a successful café and a great cup of coffee can only be made when all the parts come together—an excellent raw product, reliable equipment and of course, skilled staff.”

“The creative execution takes cues from technical drawings, exploded diagrams and flowcharts, reflecting the way in which Workshop Brothers approaches coffee with the precision and care of a skilled craftsman,” said Mauris.