Yellow Diva

We were thrilled to visit the Yellow Diva showroom and workshop space in Melbourne West recently.  We had a coffee with directors David and Felicity and found out more about their brand and their personal take on design. 

Words: Manuela Millan
PHOTOGRPAphy: carmen zammit


The story of Yellow Diva, an “almost anagram” of the names of founders David Walley and James Davis, begins in in London where to two decided over a drink to combine their talents and start making furniture. They rented a small unit on the canal in Notting Hill and very quickly gained critical acclaim for their works. Along with David’s partner and now Creative Director Felicity Joll they worked in an old record-pressing factory alongside many other creatives, where they produced a range of iconic pieces and grew their reputation. 

From there David and Felicity made the move down under to Melbourne finding a home in Williamstown.

“Williamstown feels like a little country town. It’s part of Melbourne but it also feels like its own separate place. It was really nice being able to walk on the beach to get to school - it’s all pretty idyllic.”


Committed to authenticity, creativity, collaboration and local production Yellow Diva’s design process is considered and never rushed, and relies on a mix of traditional and modern techniques. 

An idea gets mulled around for a long time, talked about, put on a mental shortlist. At the same time there’s a lot of sketching going on. Things often come as vague ideas and then we will latch on to a concept. We also quite often research the historical context of the concept, but every product’s process is different. 

David and Felicity come up with new designs every year and are continually expanding their product range. Yellow Diva recently launched their first new upholstered work in almost 10 years at this year’s DENFAIR, unveiling their unique “gems” line of faceted ottomans. 

Alongside their bespoke small-scale products they are also capable of catering for large commercial and hospitality clients, and recently produced over 500 barstools for the new Perth Stadium. They have also recently launched their online store at where they sell a range of smaller, shippable products such as their beautiful new cast-iron Memento flower press. 

There is no doubt that Yellow Diva will continue to make their unique mark on the Melbourne design scene with their range of furniture lighting and accessories, and their reputation for unique 


MM: Where do you get your coffee from?

YD: I don’t go out for coffee much. We recently went to Daylesford and we went to a fantastic place called Larder. When we’re around we go up the road to Milking Station

MM: Where do you recommend for a good meal?

Locally there’s a place called Roti Road on Barkly Street in Footscray. They’re really nice and we always get the same thing - they don’t even ask us anymore. 

MM: Where would you like to go for your next holiday?

YD:Everywhere! I’d really like to Vanuatu or one of the other Pacific Islands. 

MM: What are your plans for the future?

YD: To continue to spread the Yellow Diva word. Expanding on what we really enjoy doing, doing more really interesting projects and moving on to new product ideas.