Stamford Park Homestead

Project: Stamford Park Homestead

Location: 8 Emmeline Row, Rowville 3178

Restaurateur: Jason Jones

Interior Designer: Brahman Perera

Photographer:  Lillie Thompson

Stamford Park Homestead has been wonderfully reimagined by seasoned restaurateur Jason Jones (Entrecôte, Bouzy, Second Home) and interior designer and partner, Brahman Perera. We are so excited that this historical gem is located just 28km South East of Melbourne’s CBD!

The beautiful mix of both classic and modern design reflects the incredible history and current evolution of Stamford Park. Designed by Jones’ partner, Brahman Perera, the interior plays on the tradition of early Australian homesteads, incorporating lush upholsteries, mixed solid timbers, honed marble and natural rattan forming a rich material palette. This completely complements the incredible assemblage of historic furnishings spanning multiple eras, collected by the couple over many years.

“Our vision for Stamford Park is to see the old girl once again be used as she was intended”, said Jones, “a place of hospitality, serenity and celebration”.