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Congress Wine

DesignOffice has nailed the balance of feature pieces (such as the custom stainless steel high bench with bespoke lighting) that are seamlessly integrated with each other and with the building itself. You'll find yourself noticing more and more of the neat details the longer you spend at Congress - and it’s dangerously easy to spend a lot of time here as the food and wine are honestly delicious. 

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Future Future

Walking into Future Future feels like slowly waking up from a dream. Carved from a quintessential Richmond red-brick building, the restaurant features a fascinating combination of styles and materials. The Future Future ethos embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi (the finding of beauty in transience and imperfection) in both its menu and interiors. This creates a surreal but coherent, strange and intimate setting which is perfect for sampling their unique and delicious selection of food and drinks. The eclectic combination of materials have been brought together to great effect. The details are spot on; from the custom ceramic cups, embroidered uniforms, metal joinery, through to the retrofuturistic branding Future Future is difficult to describe but beautiful, and you’ll have to go and experience it for yourselves!  

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Bicycle Thieves

Light, fresh, timeless. Bicycle Thieves café on High Street Northcote designed by Pierce Widera is a celebration of modern Australian minimalist design. The floor to ceiling windows and polished concrete floor ensure that the whole space is bathed in natural light. We also love the stunning custom lighting fixture which runs the full length of the main counter and the tiled detailing of the counter itself. It’s the perfect spot for your next Sunday brunch!

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