Didier: Fable Collection

Website: Didier

Photography: Shannon McGrath


The truely original and unique designs for Didier’s Fable collection are crafted from solid select white oak with difficult manufacturing details disguised within a simplified aesthetic and return to the original ideals. As one of Australia’s most successful and original commercial designers, Ross Didier crafts products that have character with quality, and are functional to the user and their environment. This year Ross will be presenting the beautiful Fable range at DENFAIR, along with new ideas and designs that we can’t wait to set our eyes on!


“In 2010, I was invited to participate in a Melbourne group show by Ewan McEoin, that explored local craftsmanship,” says Didier. “My original Fable concept was an expression of hand-made with the simplest of hand tools, restricted to the simplest of work environments, using raw materials that any typical, suburban, garage workshop would have against the wall.”


“When Fable Oak was first put into manufacture it comprised of six essential utilities: a spoon, a bowl, a stool, a chair, a table and a storage cabinet. Six essential elements pared back to bare original character,” says Didier. “These typical elements are also represented in traditional children’s tales and seem to conjure belief that a woodsman has simply stepped outside, chopped down a tree and hand carved these functional objects – the simplicity of this setting defines cottage craft and each object is created uniquely from materials that seem immediately accessible from just outside the door.”