Say Hello to Jardan's New collection: Studio


We welcome ‘Studio’ the newest collection by Jardan. A thoughtful collection designed to be practical and flexible in a home-office environment or professional studio. 

The collection offers a great range of options and and customisation such as different finishes and configurations. We particularly like the use of timber throughout the collection which brings much appreciated warmth, and the softer fabrics more akin to home furnishings rather than harsher, utilitarian materials often found in office furniture. These design choices bridge the gap between work and home environments creating durable and functional furniture that also looks beautiful and feels great.

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“It’s so rare that our offices have the kind of comforts that are central to our feeling of home and make us feel comfortable and together. We’ve created the studio collection as a way of bringing work and home environments closer together. Not just to make workplaces more collaborative and functional and configurable, but to bring a sense of calm and warmth into the places where we spend most of our time.”

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What we like about this range is that it has been designed from the ground up as office furniture and to meet the specific needs of the work environment (such as weight, cable management and tech integration etc.) while also having the design aspects at the forefront of the entire process. The result is a coherent and unified collection which meets the needs of both.

“All of the knowledge we’ve built working with architects and designers has gone into this range. All the things we’ve been adapting on our standard product - in terms of integrating power and data, or running cables down the legs,” says Tom.

In designing for commercial spaces, the Jardan Design Team collaborated on finding the right balance between colours, materials and design features that bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a commercial space, while also packing offices full of function and staying true to mandated industry standards.

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“Workplaces used to be about the employer, but now they’re about the employee. We’re focused on balance now - on creating environments that make people happy,” says Tom Shaw, Head of Design at Jardan.

“So the Studio Collection brings everything that we’re known for into the office. It’s not uptight or stiff or boring. It has the practicality of the office, with the warmth and softness of home.” 

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