La petite fabrique de Brunswick: Embrun

La petite fabrique de Brunswick has announced a new and absolutely beautiful collection titled Embrun. Referring to the colour and movement of a wave crashing on the shore, Embrun is a french word meaning ocean spray. Embrun is a series of vessels utilising offset geometry and negative space. It is composed of 7 functional pieces that are all slip-cast by hand, which enables the objects to be modified after they are cast. Thus, each object is slightly different.

La petite fabrique de Brunswick ceramicist Lucile Sciallano started the design of this series through drawing and making mockups on a wood lathe. When the forms were perfected, she digitalised them and had them 3D printed in plastic. The asymmetrical shapes in Embrun have resulted in complex multi-part plaster molds.

Embrun will be available online from the 4th of September, and at several handmade markets organised at La petite fabrique’s studio at East Brunswick Village on the 12th of October, 9th of November & 14th of December.


The forms and colour of Embrun play with asymmetrical geometry and elements of chance. The obtuse combination of basic elements initially gives a balanced form. The finish breaks the elegant shape, with dark black and blue glazes applied gesturally, which drip down the side of the objects, playing with negative space to create a window on an abstract landscape.

bowl_LR Embrun-Meanwhile-in-Melbourne.jpg
plate_LR Embrun-Meanwhile-in-Melbourne.jpg
making3_LR Embrun-Meanwhile-in-Melbourne.jpg