Local Milan No.04

There is always much to look forward to during Milan Design week, one of the most anticipated and widely-recognised industry events of the year. 2019 highlights included: Dzek x formafantasma exhibition of volcanic ash tiles, inspired by formafantasma designer Andrea Trimarchi’s upbringing in Sicily, surrounded by volcanoes; dimorestudio’s dreamy reimagining of 14 objects that you would find in the home of designer Christian Dior, who adored the 18th century decor aesthetic, and shigeru ban’s light-filled temporary paper studio structure, set up in the Palazzo Serbelloni during Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades exhibition.

A further stand-out was Local Milan No.04, the fourth installation of the project that was founded in 2015 by Sydney designer Emma Elizabeth.

Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth


Local Milan lends its platform exclusively to the work of Australian and New Zealand designers – 44 of which to be exact – and is curated by Elizabeth herself, whose exhibiting in Milan is always serendipitous due to her long-standing history with the city where she was originally trained to become a designer. She began the project with the intention of raising awareness of the incredible designs coming out of Australia, allowing them the opportunity to be seen on a global scale, where she believed recognition was lacking.

LOCAL MILAN No.4 presented by LOCAL DESIGN_43.jpg
LOCAL MILAN No.4 presented by LOCAL DESIGN_34.jpg

The showcase features the work of designers at all stages of their career, including some of the more established names such as Adam Goodrum, Christopher Boots and Anna Varendorf, and soon to be huge talents Marcel Sigel, Danielle Brustman, and Tom Emmett.  

“The objective of LOCAL MILAN over the past four years has been to present a collective of Australian design that allows guests to start creating their own dialogue in regard to our design industry; in time, heightening the global perspective of our Australian aesthetic and style, and encouraging and supporting local designers to continue advancing and developing the industry.”


Visitors to the installation, located on the Level 2 Palazzo, walked through 10 stylised rooms, or ‘sets’, each one an immersive experience celebrating different textures, colours and sound, informed by collaborative touches by partnering creative studios and sponsors.

True to Elizabeth’s personal design philosophy, that “style is nothing without design and design is nothing without style”, the rooms were also heavily stylised with layers of custom ‘scenography elements’ that included draped fabrics, stone-breeze block arrangements, and floral structures and sculptures.

LOCAL MILAN No.4 presented by LOCAL DESIGN_28 (2).jpg
Local Milan No.04 Full team.

Local Milan No.04 Full team.