The Zimi Collection by Phoenix: Where True Style Meets Versatility

Photography: Carmen Zammit

Styling: Kirsty Bryson

Iconic Melbourne-based bathroom and kitchen fixtures company Phoenix has launched ‘Zimi’, a new line of slim aesthetic taps, shower mixers and outlets this month. Over their 30 years of operation, Phoenix Tapware has earned a reputation for their innovative approach to high quality bathroom goods and accessories, and Zimi is no exception.

We love the versatility of the Zimi design, which allows customisation of up to 27 colour and finishing options, from neutral, metallic and pastel categories. The handles can be easily swapped without a plumber which gives you room to play and update your bathroom over the years or as new trends emerge.

The Zimi range is perfect for consumers to inject their individual personality, and extensive colour research went into the final selection including European design trends forecasting
— Chantelle Malone, Marketing Manager at Phoenix.

We love Zimi’s ‘square, but not sharp’ aesthetic, and the versatility of the modular and interchangeable details which make it easy to stay on trend over time.

Its many interchangeable qualities make it an accessory that might never appear exactly the same from one household to the next, while still fitting in with what’s current for the “on-trend bathroom and kitchen looks”.


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